Land Your First Client in 8 Steps

Do you know that you can get clients in 10 steps? Follow me to get your first client now!

Ivy Qin, MBA

9/27/20232 min read

Two women sitting at a table with a laptop
Two women sitting at a table with a laptop

Do you know that you can get clients in 8 steps? Follow me to get your first client now!

Step 1: Profile Optimization

Before you reach out, make sure your own LinkedIn profile is well-optimized and professional. A complete and engaging profile will make a positive impression.

Step 2: Research

Spend some time researching your potential clients. Understand their industry, company, role, and any recent news or achievements related to their business. This will help you craft a more personalized message.

Some good suggestions are: Nielsen, Industry Report from Top Consulting firm, Tech Crunch, CrunchBase, and Wall Street Journal and more.

Step 3: Connection Request

When you're ready to reach out, send a connection request. Personalize the request by mentioning something specific about the person's profile or interests. For example:

  • "Hi [Name], I came across your profile and noticed your expertise in [industry/area]. I'd love to connect and learn from your insights."

    • "Hello [Name], I saw your recent article on [topic] and was impressed by your perspective. Let's connect and discuss it further."

Step 4: Thank You Message

Once the connection request is accepted, follow up with a thank you message. Express your gratitude for connecting and briefly explain your interest in their work. For instance:

  • "Thank you for connecting, [Name]. I'm interested in [shared interest or industry] and look forward to learning from your experiences."

    • "I appreciate you connecting, [Name]. Your work in [specific area] is inspiring, and I'd love to explore potential opportunities for collaboration."

Step 5: Value Proposition

After establishing a connection, it's important to provide value. Share relevant content, articles, or insights that could benefit the potential client. Make sure it's not self-promotional but genuinely helpful.

Step 6: Engage in Conversations

Start a conversation by commenting on their posts or articles. Offer meaningful insights, ask questions, and show genuine interest in their perspective. Building a relationship is key.

Step 7: Direct Message for Business Inquiry

If you believe there's a potential business opportunity, send a direct message. Be concise, clear, and respectful of their time. Here's a template to consider:

  • "Hi [Name], I hope you're doing well. I've been following your work and am impressed by your expertise in [industry/area]. I'd love to discuss a potential collaboration or explore how we can mutually benefit each other. Would you be open to a brief conversation?"

Step 8: Follow-Up

If they don't respond immediately, don't be discouraged. Give it some time and consider a polite follow-up message if necessary. It might be that they missed your message initially.

Two main rules never forget

Rule 1: Maintain Professionalism

Throughout your interactions, maintain professionalism and respect boundaries. Avoid overly aggressive sales pitches or spammy behavior.

Rule 2: Customize Each Message

The key to success on LinkedIn is personalization. Avoid sending generic messages, and tailor your approach to each potential client's specific interests and needs.